Search Engine Marketing Services

Don't just focus on getting top positions on the search engines. Let us help you get higher click-through rates (CTR) and lower cost-per-click with our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and management strategies.

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Are you thinking of using SEM or search engine marketing to generate more leads, more sales and more enquiries for your business fast?

One of the fastest ways to drive qualified web traffic and visitors to your business today is still through Google Adwords advertising. (Commonly known as search engine marketing) Because you're attracting prospects who are actively searching for solution to an existing problem they need to solve. A solution you provide.

That's why with a proper internet marketing strategy combined with an effective SEO strategy (search engine optimisation) you can easily get top positions on the search engine results page (SERPs) and get better visibility.

But it shouldn't stop there. With our local SEO strategies, we'll help you optimise your website to get a better quality score. Combined with our copywriting services, we'll use persuasive writing to increase clicks.

The result?

More qualified web visitors at lower cost, getting you more results for your advertising budget. Read on to see how we can help you get more results for your business.

Our SEM Management Services

Keyword Discovery

Find out which search queries your customers are searching online

We'll optimise your PPC campaign to target only "buyer intent" keywords. Keywords that get you more leads and sales.

Landing Page Design

Optimise your landing page to be relevant to the searcher intent

We review and analyse the user intent behind each keyword to optimise with SEO strategies

Campaign Set-Up

The secret to a highly optimised PPC campaign lies in a stringent set-up

Unlike other SEM companies, we don't lump all keywords within a single ad set. We run a strict process to tighten all our campaigns.

Results Focused

Your PPC campaigns must always generate you leads and traffic

Try 1 month of PPC advertising with no management fee. We know you'll love the results and definitely want to continue running your ads with us after your FREE trial period

Ad Copywriting

Persuasive content with strong call-to-action on your adverts

We keep your ad copy tight and focused. Every ad group we set up has it's own unique copy written to ensure maximum relevancy

3 Step Approach to Improving Your Site's Visibility

Google is constantly improving its algorithm to remove content and web pages it deems to be irrelevant for its users. That's why it only retains the websites and pages it believes are relevant and reward them by displaying them on their search engine results page (SERPs).

While this might sound confusing, it is great news for serious Google adwords advertisers.

By understanding how Google assigns a score to your landing page, you could effectively reduce your cost per click, saving you money for each keyword or keyphrase.

Good Quality Site

Relevant Results & Information

Higher Quality Score

Why Choose Our Search Engine Marketing Services

Ultimately when you choose to work with any digital marketing agency, your goal is to have a profitable online campaign.

So, for your business to scale and grow, you need a proven and effective way to constantly bring in customers. The more leads you can generate, the better your marketing odds of acquiring a new customer. In that sense, as long as you have an effective way of generating a new lead, as a business, it makes sense to really go all out. Especially when these leads are cost effective and highly targeted to your industry.

This is why we love using search engine marketing to acquire new customers for our clients. Because with proper keyword research and targeting, we're able to attract prospects with one critical value...

Buyer Intent!

Simple as that sounds, it makes all the difference in your campaign. After all, we're talking about bringing "wallet-in-their-hands" customers to your website. People who are already searching for a solution to their problem. A solution you're providing. And we know you can begin to imagine the countless sales and growth possibilities once you have these type of customers frequenting your website.