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Here's How We Improve Your Web Content

Get Your Important Message Across

Your website has a goal. And you want your web visitors to understand that goal as fast as possible. That's where good content helps deliver this message to the right audience.

Drive More Leads & Sales to Your Business

Unlike other cheap content writing services, we're confident in writing copy designed to increase sales for your business. Our copywriters are trained to weave persuasion with words.

Build Long Lasting Client Relationship

The beauty of great content is that it doesn't just persuade your clients... it also inspires them. That means a client who will continue to buy from you, and will happily promote your business.

What is Web Copywriting About

Regardless of the type of online marketing campaign you're planning to launch, you will require some form of copywriting. After all, every content topci, every paragraph, and every word has to be carefully thought out.

That is, if your marketing objective is to generate more leads, enquiries, or sales.

As a digital marketing agency, one of our greatest strengths is direct response copywriting. It is how we help the small businesses in Singapore stand out from their sea of competitors.

Because every campaign we run for our clients, must lead to a specific desired goal or result. And that requires persuasion subtly weave between each word, each paragraph and each topic.

The goal could be something as simple as raising customer awareness. Or it could be to get web visitors to click and visit a specific web page. Or it could even be to get prospective clients to request for a consultation.

While the content we create may look simple to the "untrained" eye, our writers are required to put a whole series of thought behind choosing any word.


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In our quest to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with affordable quality content writing and copywriting services, we've launched a brand new online service by our sister brand. As Singapore's first Order Copywriting Services Online platform, you get to choose from a wide range of services to suit your business needs.

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How Our Copywriting Really Shines

Unlike other agencies that outsource their content writing to external writers, we prefer to focus on copy-driven content. Writers who are trained in the art and science of persuasion. This helps increase our conversion rates, which benefits your business with more leads and sales.

Take a look at some of the key areas our copywriting will boost your internet marketing objectives:

Web Copywriting

Unless you're a designer or a photographer, your webpages need content. And not just any kind of content... it has to be persuasive yet highly informative copy, where every word is written for a very specific reason. (Find out why behind..)

Attract Web Visitors

That is the sole focus of any web copywriting project. When someone lands on a web page, the role of the headline and lead in (what we call the above-the-fold area) is to get your visitor reading the next line. And so on until they fill in your form or enquire.

PPC Copywriting

Sure SEO is great but it does take some time to see results. (About 2-3 months for us) In the meanwhile, we want to attract target and qualified traffic to the website. And that is through Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Lower Cost Per Click

This is about to get technical but the goal of PPC isn't just to attract as many clicks as possible. That's a fast way to burst your budget. Instead, we want to focus on bringing in quality clicks at a reduced cost.

Landing Pages

Lead generation is a critical element for any online marketing campaign success. And when it comes to persuading your readers to click on a link, read an article, and finish by filling in an online form (getting you a lead) you'll need to deploy subtle copywriting.

Get Them Screaming Yes

In a good way. They'll secretly convince themselves you're the best company or person to solve their problems. Once they're convinced you have the right skills and ability to help them, the sale is almost in your lap.

Facebook Advertising

Most internet marketers are going to agree Facebook advertising is one of the most effective and fastest method of reaching out to new audiences today. And rightfully so, when you have the right targeting paired with the right copy.

Not Just Click Baits

Because of a sudden increase in click bait headlines, people are starting to question the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. Well, when your ads are done right, it's easy to grow an attentive and interested audience. (Read... more sales)

SEO Copywriting

One of the best source of traffic today is still organic web visitors. Not only are they a consistent free source of traffic, they're also more likely to convert into an actual client. You need lesser amount of persuasion in your copy to get hem to call you or fill up your enquiry form.

There's An Urgent Need

By the time they're searching on the internet, they're already well aware of their problem and want a quick solution. That's why the sales process is much shorter. Naturally, the goal is to rank your website, and that's where our SEO copywriting swings into the picture.

Email Copywriting

The name of the game today is segmentation and nurturing. That's how you build a loyal and active tribe. A group of clients and prospects who actively promotes your business and refer their friends and partners to you.

Wasted Opportunities

Look back on your past sales and you may discover, your best clients are the ones who continue to buy from you and promote your business. But it starts with you cultivating this relationship through a segmented email campaign.

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