We're an Internet Marketing Company

Here's a list of online marketing services we're great at...

Building WordPress Websites

We help you set up a professional website for your business. And not just another online flyer but a real marketing asset to grow your business.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Beating your competitors and getting lower cost-per-click is our goal when we work on your campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

When we work on your website, we're also following search engine optimisation best practices to attract organic traffic in the long run.

Facebook Marketing

Understanding small businesses have limited advertising budget in any outreach program, we deploy a unique 2-step Facebook advertising approach to keep cost low.

Email Automation

Nurturing your leads and prospects is the secret to long-term business success. That's where our email automation strategy is designed to strengthen this warm relationship.

Our Humble Story

As a digital marketing agency, we could strive to be like most agencies in Singapore and run colossal campaigns for the big boys. Multi-national corporations (MNCs) level projects with enormous budget to spend on branding and awareness campaigns.

But that isn't our style. If we could be so bold... we had a humbler origin story. Our internet marketing journey took root in niche advertising field known as direct response marketing. This means every marketing campaign we run is tightly monitored and measured against a specific desired action or result.

That was how we started. Working on a tighter budget, tweaking and adjusting our campaigns to find winners before we scale them up.

To be frank, it isn't anything extraordinary or special, we just continuously worked on fine-tuning our strategy and methods... creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) to keep our campaigns lean and fit for small businesses to have a fighting edge against the "big boys". Without having to burst a hole in their bank accounts.

But it is this same vision that still keeps us going. That pushes us to help other small business owners who are serious about leveraging on the internet to grow their business.

So, if you're someone who is looking for experienced internet marketers to manage your online strategy... our team is here for you!

Fair Warning: We want to help serious business owners... this means people who are willing to do what it takes... whether it's pumping in the hours to tweak their offer, or investing in the right tools for their business.

We're determined to put in our best efforts, but you, as the business owner, have to be the driver. You have to decide where and how far you want to go. Only then, can we help you accelerate your online success.

The Values We Abide By

Marketing is never a one-off project. It is an ongoing journey where you're growing together with your clients. That's why we strongly believe in growing with you... our clients. And to do that effectively, we need to lay solid foundations. Foundations your business can expand and build your empire on.

What this means is...

As a business starting to spread your reach online, the first thing we will always focus on is your website... never the traffic strategy. We want to ensure your website has all the credibility elements to gain your clients' trust. Because once you've establish your authority, we know conversion will flow in naturally. And once this foundation is secured, we can next shift our attention to driving the right traffic to your website. And with a much better conversion rate now, every traffic you drive will instantly be much more meaningful for you.

And if this foundation wasn't enough, our values, mission and goals will help deliver the final push. This is why our clients trust us to deliver the results they want, after all...

Your Returns on Investment Should Always Be First

While some marketing firms tax their clients with huge management fees from the onset, we prefer a different approach. We want you to benefit from any of our campaigns.

That's why we have a 1-month or 1st campaign Management-Free! You decide the budget you're comfortable with, we'll give you our recommendations, and we'll run your campaign. Absolutely no management fee!

Don't get us wrong. We're not a charity organisation. Instead, we believe that once you've experienced our skills and sincerity, you'll naturally want to continue running with us.

notebook for writing company mission and goals

Our Mission & Company Goals

To help small businesses in Singapore bring their business on the internet in a fast and cost-effective way. Internet marketing should always be hassle-free and something entrepreneurs look forward to as it is a process designed to bring in leads and sales.

Jonathan Seet conducting a class

About Our Founder, Jonathan Seet

His journey began in 2011 when he first ventured into the world of SEO to attract online leads for his business. Over the years, he has established himself as a professional copywriter in Singapore. Giving Simply Professional a unique winning edge over our many competition.

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How We Protect Our Clients

As we're confident we have an almost unmatched offer in Singapore, we have to be very selective about who we do choose to work with.


This strict filtering gives our existing clients peace of mind knowing we'll never pit our skills against them as we ring-fence their services.


When you continue to work with us, you've our assurance we'll never promote the exact same service from a competitor against you.

We Love To Hear From You

Find out if we're the right internet marketing agency for your business by contacting us.

Call: +65 9615 0206

Email: business@simplyprofessional.com.sg

Address: 116 Middle Road, #07-01, Singapore 188972

Need Professional Marketing Advice?

We also provide a FREE  1-hour marketing consultation for new businesses looking to kick-start their online journey but don't know how. We'll share with you our unique approach for small businesses who are on a tight budget but still want results.