Unlock the Confidence to Charge Clients What You’re Worth And More…

Finally Freelancers Can Rise And Earn The Amount They Truly Deserve!

This is a free, 5-email course teaching freelancers how you can charge Premium Prices for your services and grow a 5-figures business.


Dear freelancer,

Here’s a problem your clients are more than happy to bury…

When I first started out as a budding freelance copywriter, I thought this was the “only way” to grow my business…

I was “happily” charging my prospective clients peanuts for the quality of work I provided.


You see, some people will tell you to build up your portfolio first while others say you need to gain experience first. If you subscribe to this same set of beliefs… please do yourself a favour and STOP!

How long are you going to let yourself get taken advantage of, putting your best efforts, burning the midnight oil, and not get paid well for your expertise? (Yes, you are an expert the moment you became a service provider… in fact you are a professional in your field)

Not only will you be doing yourself a disservice… you are actually harming your clients’ businesses as well.

Think about this… does a new doctor, engineer, or lawyer offer their services for free?

I don’t think so. And you shouldn’t either.

This is why if you would like to learn how to start charging more for the value you are providing and actually close clients much easier… then this online course will equip you with everything you need to get started. I’ll share with you some of the mistakes I made (doing work for free – a big No-No) and why I now charge 4-5 figures per project. Which you can easily do the same.

Here’s what you’ll learn
over the next few days…

I’ve designed this course to give you step-by-step instructions on how to gain the confidence to charge what you are worth. Each lesson will contain valuable tips from my own sales experience. Some of them will include “homework”. All of them are meant to help you take action and get results much faster.

In fact, I’ll even be sharing with you a few tactics to bring your freelance business online. After all, there are multiple benefits to having a powerful web presence today.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the strategies and tactics I’ll be sharing:

  • How to position yourself as an authority – your clients will appreciate what you’re sharing with them and it will make your job of closing the sale that much easier
  • How to create an irresistible offer – you have heard of having a USP (unique selling proposition) well being unique isn’t going to attract clients but having an offer they can’t refuse will
  • How to use the internet to earn your first dollar online – one of the reasons why most freelancers avoid selling their services online is because of inertia, it happens to everyone. I’ll show you a simple tactic to get a quick sale fast and break through this first obstacle
  • The Triple R Pricing Formula – increasing your rates isn’t just a matter of randomly putting in any number… using this simple formula you’ll learn how to make your premium rates look attractive and value for money
  • And much more inside

To get started, fill in your contact details in the form below and I’ll see you inside.

So register for my online course and start earning more in your business today.

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Jonathan Seet's Online Course for Freelancers

Jonathan Seet is a sales copywriter who helps small businesses create marketing tools to increase sales and get more customers. He specialises in online marketing strategies, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and persuasion strategies among a few other things.

Being a freelancer and entrepreneur himself, he now guides other budding and aspiring freelancers to build profitable businesses for themselves. He is available for hiring at his personal website.